Guiding people on their journey to body literacy

Hi! I'm Odette and my mission is to help you understand your body and take control of your cycle.

    Reclaim Your Cycle   

6 weeks to Body Literacy

The Fertility Awareness Method teaches women to understand their bodies and recognise hormonal and other changes in their health. It teaches women to become informed participants in their healthcare and make informed choices.

         Learn To Chart        

A 1:1 Program

Learning the Fertility Awareness Method with an instructor can help you feel more at ease and avoid the overwhelm and overflow of information that comes with learning FAM on your own.

  Online Yoga Classes  

Support your body and mind

With Kundalini and Yin Yoga you connect movements with the breath. The aim of these classes is to teach you how to listen to the signals your body gives you in order to come back into a more balanced and relaxed state.

What do I offer ?

Weekly Classes

I give a variety of classes online focusing on balancing your body and mind which also impacts your overall hormone health.

Group Programs

6-week group programs teaching you all about the Fertility Awareness Method.

1:1 Sessions

Chart analysis and individual program to support your Fertility Awareness journey.

Do you want to learn more about my story and what I do ?

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I teach extensive programs and give a variety of classes adapted to your needs and preferences

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