About me

How did I become a Fertility Awareness Educator ?

What led me to the Fertility Awareness Method was the Universe’s doing. I stopped taking the birth control pill in July 2019 after 13 years. I was living a pretty toxic-free life and using natural remedies, and this was the last obstacle. For years I didn’t realise that how I was feeling were actually side-effects from the pill (no-libido, brain fog, constant thrush and feeling depressed). 

Fast-forward to December 2020, almost 2 years after stopping the pill, I decided I needed to take some form of birth control – because well… society tells you to take something. I was going to get the Copper IUD - this is because it has been advertised as being hormone-free - however, I now know that it comes with an array of other side-effects. Luckily, the insertion failed twice - once at the GP and once with the gynaecologist. They then proposed that I undergo anaesthesia to insert it. This was a big NO. I felt depleted and angry while I searched for an alternative. This is when I stumbled upon the Fertility Awareness Method and never looked back.

Discovering this method has allowed me to understand my body more deeply and know which phase of my cycle I’m in, and use this information to assess my overall health. An even bigger bonus is that I use it as my main form of birth control now.

I am FEMM certified. I have also joined several online programs with Fertility Awareness Educators to gain further information. I have read countless books, journal articles and scientific studies on Female Fertility and the Fertility Awareness Method. 

What is my mission ?

My mission is to break the taboo around our cycles. Helping to guide people on their journey to body literacy, and teach comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate fertility awareness to support menstruators in their sexual and reproductive decision-making. I believe in being full-informed about our family planning options. I don't believe that the pill is necessary to treat cycle issues - our cycle speaks to us. It tells us when something is wrong and taking the pill is stopping that communication. 

Are my programs made for you ?

My programs are for you if :

  • You’re ready for something different and you’re serious about learning to chart your cycles.
  • You're about to come off of hormonal birth control or you’re already off of it and you’re ready to learn about the Fertility Awareness Method.
  • You want to feel 100% confident in using the Fertility Awareness Method for birth control or natural conception.
  • You want to take back control of your fertility and your health.
  • You want to learn how to find a renewed balance between mind and body. 
  • You want to feel like YOURSELF again! 

Why am I the right person for you ?

I have been in your shoes. I have felt lost and confused about which birth control method to take. I knew I didn’t want to take the pill but I didn't  know what other options there were. After 2 failed attempts at inserting the copper IUD, I knew this was my calling: Helping women to understand that there are other options. We don’t need hormones, IUDs or implants to prevent pregnancy. Your body is amazing and is capable of amazing things! I am here to support you on your journey to feeling more connected to your cycle.