Reclaim Your Cycle


It is time to Reclaim your Cycle!

6 Weeks to Body Literacy and Understanding how you can Prevent Pregnancy Naturally.

Starting the weekend of March 19, 2022 - days and times will be chosen as a group.

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Feel empowered and connected to your body and hormones. Understand what is happening and what influences your cycle.

Make informed choices after learning about and considering all options and information available about family planning.

  • The Fertility Awareness Method teaches women to understand their bodies and recognise hormonal and other changes in their health. It teaches women to become informed participants in their healthcare and make informed choices.
  • It helps women to understand what is normal for you and when to seek help when there are shifts. 
  • You will learn a new form of birth control by helping you identify your fertile window and the window where conception is not possible.
  • This means that you can avoid pregnancy with no negative side effects!
  • With Fertility Awareness, contraception is your choice! You are the one who knows when your fertile phase is and you have a say with your family planning matters.
The Fertility Awareness Method is free from side-effects, natural and is 99.6% effective with perfect use and when learnt with a trained instructor.

Topics include:

Session 1 - Fertility Awareness and Your Health - Anatomy and Hormones

Session 2 - Understanding your Cycle - Cycle Charting, Healthy Cycles, Cervical Mucus, Types of Bleeding, Temperature with Temping Information

Session 3 - Fertility Awareness and Family Planning - Avoiding and Achieving Pregnancy - Additional Biomarkers and Fertile Window Opening, Postpartum Guidelines

Session 4 - Phases of the Cycle and Cyclical Living - Living According to Cycle Phases

Session 5 - Environmental Impact on Hormones - Hormone Healing - Live session with Eline from the Council for Depollution

Session 6 - Next steps - Informed Contraception, Cycle Regulation Post-Pill and Continuing on your Fertility Awareness Journey

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You will learn:

  • How your cycle works on a hormonal level.
  • How to use the Fertility Awareness Method and how it can help you to deeply understand your body.
  • How to use the Fertility Awareness method for your family planning wishes (preventing or achieving).
  • Learn the female and male anatomy and hormone cycle.
  • How to track your cycle to accurately predict your period.

  • How you can live according to your cycle.

  • How the environment and items that you use can impact your hormones.

  • How to take your basal body temperature and record it

  • About the signs and symptoms to look out for when there are menstrual issues.

  • How to identify your body's own signs of fertility.

I would love to work with you if:

  • Want to reconnect to your natural-state of being.
  • Feel ready to learn about the Fertility Awareness Method for birth control and body literacy.
  • Feel ready to take the next step in aligning to a life of balance.
  • You're ready to stop taking hormonal birth control or are already finished with taking birth control.

  • Want to understand how to live in tune with your cycle. 

  • Want to optimise your hormone health. 

  • Are ready to transform your mindset about your cycle!

What you'll get:

  • 6 live x 90-minute group sessions (with recording available).
  • 1 x 60min 1:1 chart review.
  • Email support between sessions and private Facebook group.
  • Comprehensive handbook that you can use after our sessions are finished.
  • Free access to yoga classes for the duration of the program which includes yoga and meditations to support your journey.

  • 3-month free access to Read Your Body (even if you are already subscribed).

Starting the weekend of March 19, 2022 - days and times will be chosen as a group.

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Possible payment plan : $72.5 X 4 (you can send me a message about this).


Odette was a great explainer and made learning about my cycle very interesting and engaging. I am very glad I had this opportunity to learn and will definitely take this information forward with me.
- Lucy -
It has been very insightful for me to learn about this method. It has allowed me to get more in touch with my body, to better understand how the body works and what are the important signals. It is a shame I had to wait until 36 to learn about this as I believe it should be taught at school!
- Coline -

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fertility Awareness Method?

Fertility Awareness teaches women to understand their bodies and recognise hormone and other vital signs of health. We then use this data to determine the fertile and non fertile days by observing and charting the physical signs of fertility that occur in the body during each cycle. With perfect us it can be 99.6% effective as a form of birth control.

Is it the same as the Rhythm Method?

No, the Rhythm Method, also known as the Calendar Method, looks at previous cycle history to predict when you ovulate. The Fertility Awareness Method are based on your body’s biomarkers, such as cervical mucus, hormones and bleeding quality to assess fertility. You make observations daily and there are no predictions involved.

I'm not in a relationship, is it worth learning it?

That is the best time to learn it! You can start getting to know your body and it's signs of fertility so when you enter a relationship and you're ready to use FAM, you'll already be prepared and know your cycle.

Is it only for regular cycles?

No, anyone can learn FAM. FAM is about observing your body’s signs of fertility and observing signs like cervical mucus, luteinising hormone and basal body temperature. So when your cycle is irregular you are still observing and looking for these changes. These changes give you insights into your fertile window.

Is it really hard to learn?

Learning FAM may seem daunting because we’re not taught about your cycles and fertility. Once you understand the basic physiology and get into the habit of charting, FAM becomes second nature. It also feels really empowering to know when you’re fertile and when you’re not!

Can’t I just use an app?

An app cannot tell you when you are ovulating. It is based on predictions. With FAM you need to chart biomarkers such as cervical mucus, hormone levels and basal body temperature.

Is FAM expensive to learn and use?

Prices do vary and it depends on the instructor. There are different programs such as group or 1:1 programs. There is an option for everyone. If you don't want to join a group, I also have 1:1 programs that only include 4 live sessions. To learn FAM it may take some time and there is a learning curve but once you know how to use it, it can be free. You may need to purchase a thermometer or LH strips.

Interested in this program ?

You can purchase it for $290

Possible payment plan : $72.5 X 4  (you can send me a message about this)

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